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Shill, Chouse,Trump and 4 more zenwords from Reno

by zenwords staff

Zen words vocabulary wordsThe wife and I arrived in Reno with loads of enthusiasm and the hope of a little R&R. After 2 days of glitz and faux everything, we left sans most of our cash, but our adventure did bring a few Zenwords to mind! Enjoy.

Faux (foh) adj. Artificial; fake (French).

Marcie wore a cheap thrift store blouse and a necklace of faux pearls.

Chouse (chaus) v. To cheat or trick; to drive or herd in a rough manner.

It irritated Claudia that her firm would try to chouse her out of a promised pay raise.

Gelt (gilt) n. Money (Yiddish).

Jim’s one abiding thought was the pursuit and capture of more and more gelt.

Hawk (hawk) v.To peddle (goods) aggressively, especially by calling out.

Sean felt like a used car salesman as he tried to hawk his product to passersby.

Sans (sanz)  prep. Without; minus (French).

Jack is so forgetful, he went to the market sans clothing.

Shill (shil) n. One who poses as a satisfied customer to stimulate the enthusiasm and participation of others.

Her enthusiasm for headquarters’ reorganization scheme and her blithe attitude towards the current staffing disaster told me she was just another corporate shill.

Trump  (trump) v. To get the better of an adversary or competitor, by using a crucial, often hidden resource.

At the last moment Jeffrey was able to trump Benny’s poker hand with a fistful of aces.

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Susan, the copywriter/editor June 7, 2011 at 6:59 am

awesome! So is the Donald aptly named? I’m sorry you left sans money but it sounds like your good times trumped all.


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