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Tog, Dell, Sward and 3 other zenwords for the gardening season

by zenwords staff

Zenwords are quirky little one syllable words that are fun to learn and make you sound smarter than you are.

With the gardening season in full swing, here are a few Zenwords you might find useful as you plant your next row of petunias.

Trug(truhg) n. A long shallow basket made of curved strips of wood and used for carrying flowers, fruit, vegetables, etc.

Barb’s handmade trugs are great for carrying vegetables from the garden to the kitchen.

Lea (lee) n. A grassland.

The slow moving herd lowed softly as they came across the lea.

Scythe(sithe) n. An implement consisting of a long, curved single-edged blade with a long bent handle, used for mowing or reaping.

Tommy grabbed the rusty scythe and attacked the long grass and weeds with a surge of righteous indignation. 

Tog(taug) n. A coat; clothes.

When Jane appeared, she was dressed in her gardening togs and nothing else.

Boll (bowl) n. The pod of a plant, as that of flax or cotton.

It’s a Southern secret that each vampire bat near a plantation saves about ten cotton bolls a season.

Dell (dell) n. A small wooded valley; a glen.

Hansel and Gretel lived in a beautiful dell filled with wild gooseberries, tall green trees, and one cranky witch.

 Sward(swawrd) n. A lawn or meadow covered with grass.

Now I imagined a tiny village with thatched roofs and a green sward that divided the town evenly.

And finally,……. the Zenword that describes my favorite thing to do in a garden:

Wend (wend) v. To proceed on or along.

After a pleasant evening in their cups, the two old sots would wend their way through the garden, pausing to greet the foxgloves, the dahlias, and the gallardia before taking the high road out of town to their cabin on  Bunkhouse Hollow.

What Zenword could you add?

Please enter a comment below and happy gardening!

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Susan, the copywriter/editor May 26, 2011 at 5:46 pm

I so hate gardening but love wending my down someone else’s path, especially if I can ramble over hill and dale, pausing to enjoy a picnic in a sward. Hmmm. But no bees, please!


zenwords May 26, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Yeah! No bees,..I’m allergic. Hey,..dale-I like that zenword. Good job :)


Margarite Mariani May 31, 2011 at 2:56 am

Excellent web-site


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