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Shill, Chouse,Trump and 4 more zenwords from Reno

June 6, 2011

The wife and I arrived in Reno with loads of enthusiasm and the hope of a little R&R. After 2 days of glitz and faux everything, we left sans most of our cash, but our adventure did bring a few Zenwords to mind! Enjoy. Faux (foh) adj. Artificial; fake (French). Marcie wore a cheap thrift store blouse and a [...]

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Scree, Quag, Lea and 4 more zenwords from World Geography Part II

June 1, 2011

Here are a few more geography Zenwords taken from my upcoming book  Zenwords- Say More with Less. As you travel around the globe you may be fortunate enough to bump into one of these wonders! PS. Learning new Zenwords is a great way to improve your vocabulary. How many of these Zenwords do you already know? Karst  (karst) n. An area of irregular limestone in [...]

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Ait, Bight, Cay and 3 other Geography zewords

May 25, 2011

Here are a few Zenwords that describe the amazing geography of our small, small world. How many Zenwords did you already know? Bonus: 3 Reasons Why You’re Wise to Learn New Words Ait (eyt) n. A small island, especially one in a river. Johnny rafted downstream, Huck Finn style, towards the wooded ait in the middle of the river. Bight (byt) [...]

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