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by zenwords staff

Man-laughing-with-food-in-007Gauche is taken from the French language. If someone calls your behavior gauche, it certainly isn’t a compliment.

Similar words with roughly the same meaning (synonyms) are: graceless, rough hewn, rustic, inelegant or clumsy.


Gauche (goohsh) adj. Lacking social graces; tactless; crude behavior (French).


Everyone agreed that Hardy’s gauche style was what got him kicked off the bridge club team.



by zenwords staff

end keyFram is a great new Web slang word. I’m sure we’ve all forwarded this type of email and lived to regret it.

Fram (fram) n. Spam email sent to you by family or friends.

Josie hated to open her inbox and see 15 fram emails from her mother!



January 17, 2013

I recently spent a pleasant evening engrossed with Steven Speilberg’s Lincoln. At one point, a grousing Thaddeus Stevens (brilliantly channeled by Tommy Lee Jones) chastised his subordinates for ‘being in thrall’ to the folksy persausions of the 16th President. What are you in thrall to?   Thrall (thrawl) n. A slave or serf who is held [...]

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